To date, there are several techniques of cell therapy in horses.

Stem cells can be obtained from adipose tissue (“ADRC” kits), umbilical cord, and blood or can be cultured from a bone marrow aspirate performed at the sternum.

The outcome of our work is to provide veterinarians and owners wishing to ensure full continuity of the sport career of the horse, a full service including collection, processing, packaging and storage of his own stem cells collected by a minimally invasive method.

The technique used is patented and has the following advantages:


• The method is minimally invasive, especially in comparison with the samples of bone marrow from which stem cells are usually isolated and cultured.

• The technique is easy to carry out and requires a very small amount of tissue

• The protocol is recommended for young horses in order to build up a stock of stem cells available for future

Don’t put your horse’s health and longevity in the balance!

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